Factory Applied Finishes

Retrofits - Stantec


Because of its superior durability, laminate flooring is extremely popular. It also doesn’t fade in the sunlight and is resistant to stains, impacts and scratches.  It is also offered in anti static and conductive laminates to dissipate static build up. 

Raised Access Flooring Finishes - Laminate



Durable vinyl stands up well to heavy traffic. It’s also comfortable to walk on and helps reduce noise. It is also offered anti static and conductive vinyls to dissipate static build up.

Raised Access Flooring Finishes - Vinyl



Made of  natural raw ingredients, marmoleum flooring is not only attractive and durable, it’s also your most sustainable choice. Marmoleum is SMaRT certified and can earn an additional LEED point for innovation and design.

Raised Access Flooring Finishes - Marmoleum



Traditional wood brings a warm, comfortable feel to any environment. It’s a very popular flooring choice because of the wide variety of species, colours, styles and textures available.

Raised Access Flooring Finishes - Wood



The natural colours of marble and granite flooring are extremely attractive. As well, stone floors are very durable and easy to maintain. Available in matte, honed and polished finishes.

Raised Access Flooring Finishes - Stone



Glass panel floors can be installed in any raised access flooring environment. Not only are they aesthetically unique, they also allow critical areas to be monitored.

Raised Access Flooring Finishes - Glass

Trim Options

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Edge Trim

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Integral Trim

Blunt Edge Trim