Field Applied Finishes

Field Applied Finishes

Dry-lay Porcelain

Versaflex® is an internationally patented modular, dry fit, click-tile flooring system consisting of a carrier grid and an exceptionally durable porcelain surface. Developed for use in high traffic environments, the Versaflex® VXR system is a perfect complement to any raised access flooring application. The system allows for quick installation and easy removal to replace components. A 400 SQM floor takes one day to install with Versaflex® tiles, instead of 6 days for a wet lay tile installation with 4 installers.


Loose lay Vinyl Tile

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is a beautiful choice for a flooring finish. LVT is not only resilient and durable, it’s also available in a full complement of different textures – everything from the inviting warmth of real wood to the timeless look of natural stone. Loose Lay LVT, which can be installed without requiring adhesive, offers even more design style and texture choices.


  • Overall cost savings of to 40% and average maintenance savings of 85% over 5 years
  • Can be trafficked over immediately after installation
  • Tiles can be reused for a new design or location change
  • Damaged tiles can be easily replaced



  • Smooth transition from carpet tiles
  • Coordinates well with other finishes
  • Easily removable for underfloor access
  • Wide range of finish options include wood, stone, solids and woven look
  • High durability coating is stain and abrasion resistant, eliminating the need for waxes, polishes and harsh chemicals